Sand and gravel

Sand material for expansion of land is known as reclamation sand. In South-East Asia large areas are land filled to create more land areas. Example is Singapore, where about 10% of the country's area consists of reclamations sand; for example, Singapore's Changi Airport. Even China with Hong Kong and Japan has great need of filling material. Major export countries have been Indonesia and Cambodia, but sand export is nowadays almost banned from these countries.

The market for the reclamation material is good and with changes in these markets, prices are expected to rise. Prices are very dependent on the costs of sea transportation and sand is a very important commodity products.

Reclamation sand

Iron ore

The Philippines is rich in minerals, including iron ore. Minerals are often located at river mouths or along the coast. Iron ore prices are as usual for commodities dependent upon supply and demand and, in particular, Chinese demand. Magnetite (iron ore) is easy to separate by magnetic separators, which are large magnets that separate the magnetite; for instance from sand transported on conveyor belts.

Price of iron ore has decreased significantly over the last year, mainly because of the lower growth in China. Delta Minerals revenues from this segment have thus been reduced, but the income from reclamation sand and other products do all keep the company's production costs down.

Building material

Sand and gravel are made into building materials of different qualities such as construction material for roads and bridges; plastering etc. The material is sieved and crushed in order to get the right size and quality.

Brick production

One of the residuals at the production site is slime (clay). These particles must be separated to meet the specifications for reclamation sand to Singapore. Slime however, is also very suitable for brick production. Delta Minerals intend to, in cooperating with the Heritage Resources and Mining Corp., a company controlled by Cornelio Casido, set up a plant for brick production. The benefits of this project are many, e g low costs and a quick start-up. Furthermore it gives Delta Minerals revenues rather than costs and opens up a deposition possibility for parts of our products. We create jobs and can supply the local area with affordable building products.

Brick made of slime before burning