Delta Process

The company has developed its own process technology for production of reclamation sand according to the buyer's specification and also separation of magnetite. The process is completely chemical-free and thus very environmentally friendly.

The smallest particles are separated with cyclones; this is the material used in the manufacture of bricks. Magnetite is separated on magnetic separators; large magnetic cylinders. The remaining material is raw material for reclamation sand, some of which can be used as a building material after some processing.

All materials taken out of the river can be used. This is a big improvement and is one of the reasons why several provinces in Philippines would like to cooperate with Delta Minerals. 

Manual extraction of magnetite in river

Environmental and social responsibility

In the areas, where the company operates, flooding often occurs in the rivers because of the accumulated eroded sand. This happen mainly during the monsoon season and impact seriously the local population with deaths and large property damages. It is therefore important that the affluent sand is removed from the rivers, so that the water flow is regulated even during the monsoon season. The river is used for transportation and by the removal of sand material means that the waterways can be reopened. The material is also used for river embankments. Regional and local authorities) is therefore very positive to the company operation of Delta Minerals. The company gets the material for free by its commitment to improve the river flow, and pays taxes and fees. The river is continuously refilled by erosion from the nearby mountain ranges.  The company's objective is to work with a long-term environmental objectives and social responsibility for the local population. The company can make a big advantage in the river deltas where we operate. Delta Minerals also sees great value in creating jobs in the region and contribute with international industrial expertise and business skills. Part of the profit can be set aside to invest in local projects such as churches, medical care and schools. Through these contributions to the region; the population as well as local communities may benefit from Delta Minerals activity.