(This is a translation of the Swedish report if any difference, Swedish is the valid one)

Second quarter April to June 2016 
Operating income totalled -4 490 (-1 175) TSEK
Profit after tax for the period amounted to -4 731 (-1 464) TSEK
Earnings per share amounted to -0.04 (-0.02) SEK
Equity per share amounted to 0.15 (0.14) SEK

Period January to June 
Operating income totalled -5 566 (-2 641) TSEK
Profit after tax was -5 611 (-2 139) TSEK
Earnings per share amounted to -0.05 (-0.03) SEK
Equity per share amounted to 0.15 (0.14) SEK

Significant events during the reporting period
Delta Minerals signed a partnership agreement in April 2016 with Chahaya Shipping & Trading Co. PTE LTD Singapore
Delta Minerals received the award for best CRS project (Corporate Social Responsibility) of the Nordic group of companies in the Philippines in April 2016.
Delta Minerals pursued a rights issue of 20.1 MSEK during April and May 2016, which was oversubscribed by 186%. In total, more than 29 MSEK was subscribed.
The General Annual Meeting decided to change the company name to the Delta Environmental Projects, but the company continues to market itself as Delta Minerals. The name change was registered on June 27.
Delta Minerals plant at Aparri was visited by one of Chahayas major potential customers in May 2016.

Significant events after the reporting period 
The company signed a cooperation agreement with Heritance Ptd regarding the sale to Japan, Korea, Taiwan and India.
Delta Minerals signed a MOU with Kujacks Pte. Ltd., Singapore for sale in India, Bangladesh, the Maldives and Sri Lanka.  

Delta Minerals 
Delta Environmental Projects AB, which markets itself internationally as Delta Minerals is a public Swedish company listed on the stock market with the right to pursue environmental projects in the Philippines with the support of regional/local authorities. The company's objective is to pursue extraction of minerals and sand & gravels in river deltas in North West/Northern Philippines.

The company's operations 
The company has repeatedly been asked about a dredger in the neighborhood of Aparri plant. The dredger is not owned by the company. The company has had the opportunity to use the dredger, but chose not to do so. Should the need arise, the Board sees no problems getting the dredger in operation. The company has several opportunities to dredge and obtain raw materials to the production plant through; e.g., vacuum pumps, utilization of subcontractors; and thereby fulfilling the company objectives and requirements from the authorities.

Reclamation sand
Chahaya Shipping & Trading Co. PTE LTD and Delta Minerals entered into a partnership agreement in April 2016 to increase sand volumes to around 1 million tons annually. Chahaya is a shipping and trading company that handles shipping and sale of reclamation sand to the State of Singapore.
In conjunction with the negotiations, Delta Minerals presented a Master Plan for Chahaya, to ensure the above deliveries. The plan describes how the Panamax vessels are being loaded outside the Cagayan River's estuary. Delta Minerals will also store the sand material at the river estuary near the anchorage ground.
The company has now prepared for delivery of 1 million ton filling sand per year. Chahaya presents the company plan for buyers in Singapore. RFQ for sand deliveries are continuous, and we have now sent our first offers.
The company has been working intensively to complete a Master Plan. Measurements in the estuary have been conducted to plan logistics. An island in the estuary has been identified and will be used for the storage of reclamation sand in proximity to the anchorage ground for the large Panamax vessels. A larger area of sand storage on the Eastern side has also been identified. Initially we will have somewhat higher costs, but as the logistics is being extended the operations will become more cost-effective.
Delta Minerals is one of the few companies in the Philippines, which has all the necessary permits in place for extraction of sand and the company is strategically located in the Philippines. Other countries in the region are now becoming interested in Delta Minerals ' products and business concept and we have great expectations that the contacts with potential customers will further develop.
In conjunction with the partnership agreement with Chahaya, the company pursued a rights issue in order to ensure that Delta Minerals are well funded, to meet the increased demand from Chahaya.
Chahaya has among others, invited the biggest potential customer to Aparri to inspect its operations and we are very pleased with how the cooperation is proceeding.
The costs to commence operations have significantly been reduced compared to estimates made by the company in October 2015. Among other things, the initial dredging costs have been reduced due to the favorable outcome of the bathymetric studies. By starting with smaller modular plants the initial costs have also been reduced.
After the end of the reporting period, the company has signed a cooperation agreement with Heritance Ptd, regarding sale to Japan, Korea, Taiwan and India, as well as a MOU with Kujacks Pte. Ltd., Singapore for sale in India, Bangladesh, the Maldives and Sri Lanka.
With the help of the distributor network we have built up, we now have the first quotations out to customers, and eagerly await they should be accepted.
Iron ore.
The iron ore production is dependent on reclamation sand production. The negative price trend of iron ore has now reversed and in 2016, the prices have increased significantly, however from low levels.

Other products
The company's activities with other products such as brick production, construction materials, materials and flood wall reinforcement are pursued to a limited degree as this production is dependent on production of reclamation material. It should be emphasized that this activity has limited importance to the company development.

The share
The interest in the company has increased significantly and the number of shareholders has increased to approximately 6 000. This large shareholder base provides for a powerful work in the Philippines.

Social and ecological work
In addition to providing work force opportunities, Delta Minerals is repairing a local school. This has been done with construction materials manufactured by the company. We have also supporting a medical clinic in Manila, run by the Catholic order, The Dominican Sisters of the Presentation.
In April 2016, the company was awarded the prize as the best CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) project in the Philippines by the Nordic Business Council of the Philippines. Prize was presented by Ms. Gina Lopez, now the Philippine minister of natural resources. The company is very proud and grateful that its efforts being valued in this way and see a future work in this spirit.

It is now essential that the work the company has done to create a network of distributors and partners in the region bear fruit. We have a number of quotes out and the Board have high hopes that these will bear fruit.
The company has many opportunities to produce sand, both in Aparri (Cagayan River) and in other rivers. This can be done in different way and where the pilot plant in Appari is not decisive. However, it has been very important to gain production experience and to enable the company to sell the material.
At the same time, the company is working on building up other markets and establish a broader international base.

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Delta Minerals signs a MOU with Kujacks for sales in India, Bangladesh, Maldives and Sri Lanka
Delta Minerals' share issue registered
Delta Minerals signs a Cooperation Sales Agreement for Japan, Korea, Taiwan and India
Christian Bönnelyche sells most of his shares in Delta Minerals