Sustainable Development

Delta Minerals is striving for a sustainable development and to refine the projects in a responsible way in tune with other interests in our surroundings. Our goal is to improve the environment and social conditions while remaining competitive with sound ethical values.

Social Responsibility

Delta Minerals strives to protect health and safety of our employees, local communities and others parties that to a various extent are impacted by the company activities. We should to the greatest possible extent hire people from the areas where we operate.

We believe that a part of our success depends on our ability to create and maintain relationships at local, regional and national levels. This can only be achieved if we, as a company, are engaged in the social development and act as a part of it.

Humanitarian aid

Delta Minerals supports The Dominican Sisters of the Presentation, Manila. These Catholic sisters offer the local people health care and care for the disabled. The area where the sisters work is often affected by flooding and the needs are great.

Delta Minerals also supports the local elementary school 
Paruddun Sur with building material and work. Through this support the school now has a new school yard. In April 2016 Delta Minerals received the prestigious award "Best CSR project of the year 2016" from Nordic Business Council of the Philippines.

Environmental Responsibility

Delta Minerals’ environmental liability implies continuous effort to understand the business' environmental impact.We are determined to invest in and make use of the best available techniques and working methods and to do more than laws and regulations require.