Management / Board

The Board of Delta Minerals (Sweden)

The board of Delta Minerals (Sweden) today consists of:

  • Hakan Gustafsson, Chairman
  • Christian Bönnelyche, temp CEO and Board Director
  • Cornelio Casido, President and Board Director of Delta Environmental Projects, Inc., Philippines, Board Member
  • Lennart Eliasson, Board Member

The Philippine Board

The Philippine board, Delta Environmental Projects, Inc. (Philippines) consists of

  • Hakan Gustafsson, Chairman
  • Cornelio Casido, President
  • Thomas Lundgren, Board Member
  • Herminio Liwanag, Company Secretary
  • Gloria Venzon, Treasurer
​The Philippine operation is managed by Cornelio Casido. He has had years of experience of Philippine mining industry and is well connected in the Federal Mining Department as well as with the Association of Philippine Mining Engineers

Hakan Gustafsson (Board Chairman)

Commodity Quest AB (publ) Board Chairman since 2011; Board Director 2010. He has been engaged in the Philippines since 2009. Hakan Gustafsson has extensive international experience with management positions such as CEO/division director in Sweden and internationally within oil & gas and minerals e.g. Kuwait Petroleum, Swedish Match and Dellner Couplers. He holds a MBA from University of Lund, Sweden and has participated in international management programs.

Christian Bönnelyche (temp CEO )

Christian Bönnelyche was elected to the Board in 2015 and became temp CEO in September 2016. Christian Bönnelyche has several years’ experience from the oil business; Kuwait Petroleum, Swedish Statoil. He has many years of experience in marketing and sales at the customer side as a consultant. Christian has also worked in online gambling, such as Unibet and that media-and advertising consultant. Christian is Managing Director of gaming company Playhippo AB, listed on Aktietorget as well as running his own company Consumer Minds in mobile and digital marketing. Christian was trained in marketing at Schartau and RMI Berghs.

Cornelio Casido (President and Board Director of Delta Environmental Projects, Inc., Philippines)

Cornelio Casido (President and Board Director of Delta Environmental Projects, Inc., Philippines). He is Presidential advisor and authority within the mineral industry in the Philippines. He holds a mining degree from Adamson University and Luleå Technical University. Cornelio Casido was previously engaged in German Bayer´s Philippine affiliate with minerals. He has long time experience of mining operation in the Philippines and is well connected in the Federal Mining Department as well as the Association of Philippine Mining Engineers.

Thomas Lundgren (Board Member,  Philippine Board)

Has been CEO for Kopparberg Minerals and CFO for Scan Mining, both listed companies in Sweden. Thomas Lundgren was cofounder of Nordic Iron Ore and did also acquire Lundin Exploration as CEO for Kopparberg Mineral. His background includes several leading positions in Sweden, Germany and Switzerland. He holds a MBA from INSEAD, France and a degree in Applied Physics at KTH, Sweden

Herminio Liwanag (Board Director and Company Secretary)

Was elected to the Board of Directors of the Delta Environmental Projects, Inc. in 2013. He is a lawyer and company secretary for various companies in the Philippines. Mr. Liwanag holds a Bachelor of Arts from Far Eastern University in Manila. He also has a Bachelor of Law from the Ateneo de Manila. He was formerly a Senior Partner at Bengzon Law Office in Manila, Philippines. He is a practicing attorney since 1986 and specializes in corporate and employment legal matters.

Gloria Venzon (Board Member and Treasurer)

Gloria Venzon is a Certified Public Accountant in the Philippines, successfully running her own firm for the past 30 years.  She has been involved with auditing both SMEs and Large Corporations.  She serves as a Business Consultant to various companies in the service sector, real estate sector and manufacturing sector.