Corporate Structure

Delta Environmental Projects AB (Delta Minerals) is a listed public company. The company has approximately 6000 shareholders.

Delta Environmental Projects, Inc. (previously Delta Mineral Global Pacific Inc.), the Philippine company, is a subsidiary of Delta Environmental Projects AB (Delta Minerals) which is controlled to 100% by Delta Minerals. Delta Minerals owns 40% of the Philippine company. Foreign companies are allowed to own up to 40% of Philippine companies. Delta Environmental Projects, Inc. is placed in trust with the Board in the Philippines, so that the local board members own 60% of the Delta Environmental Projects, Inc. Members of the Board of Directors are bound by the agreement to comply with the decision taken by Delta Minerals. This structure is common among international companies in the Philippines. Business is thus lead from the Swedish company, Delta Minerals, with economic decisions and controlling the financial flows. Delta Minerals has a sales office in Singapore, Delta Minerals Sg. to facilitate the sale of reclamation sand.

Abra river delta, Vigan, Philippines