About Delta Minerals

Delta Minerals (Delta Environmental Projects AB) is a Swedish company (aktiebolag) that owns the rights, that are benefitting the regional environment, to pursue environmental projects in the Philippines. Flooding occurs frequently, especially during the monsoon season, which seriously impacts the local population causing deaths and major property damages due to the accumulated eroded sand. Removal of the affluent river material has a positive impact on the environment and diminishes the risks of flooding. The river material contains minerals of various kinds. The company focusses on filling sand (reclamation sand), construction sand, magnetite and slime. The slime can amongst other things be used for brick production.
The river material is transported to a production plant in Aparri, where sand and iron ore are separated and construction materials are produced. The company is planning 3 production units with a total capacity of one million ton per year. The total mineral resources that the company owns rights for is approximately two billion ton. The magnetite is used for iron production mainly in China. Filling sand (reclamation sand) will primarily be sold to Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan. Building materials and bricks are produced mainly for the local market.


A selection of photos from Delta Minerals work over the years in Sweden and the Philippines.