Delta Environmental Projects signs an order for construction sand to India

Delta Environmental Projects has signed a contract with Seyon pro PTE LTD., Singapore for customers in Bombay, Goa and Calcutta to deliver 200 000 MT sand.
This is a FOB order with good prices and the total order value of some 1,8 MUSD.Delta Environmental Projects will get an advance payment of 20%. The supply will start with a trial shipment of 40 000MTs and is planned for early 2019. The material will be used as construction material and will be produced in and around Surigao; Philippines. 
“I am very pleased that we now have this Indian order. The market and prices in India are very good. We see this project a startup of several major projects-now in process- in India and in the region; through our good connections and good market prices,” says Håkan Gustafsson, CEO of Delta Environmental Projects AB
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