Kulissen AB more than 10% of capital - Notification of Changes in Major Shareholdings

Stockholm, 20 may, 2015 – Kulissen AB more than 10% of capital

Kulissen AB has a total of 13 350 000 B-shares in Delta Minerals AB equivalent to 15.4% of the capital and 9.3% of the votes in Delta Minerals and thus have more than 10% of the ownership. The company previously had 6 100 000 B-shares which represented 8.0% of the capital and 4.6% of the votes. Kulissen AB has signed instead of Margaretha Smith in the now completed private placement under the same conditions.

For further information, please contact
Hakan Gustafsson, Chairman, hakan.gustafsson@deltaminerals.se, mobile + 46-70-268 00 35.
Thomas Lundgren, CEO, thomas.lundgren@deltaminerals.se, mobile + 46-70-397 25 24.

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