Year-end report January-December 2014 

(This is a translation of the Year-end report issued in Swedish 190215. In case of differences the Swedish text is valid)

Fourth quarter October to December
• Operating income for the fourth quarter amounted to SEK -2 640 885 
• Profit/loss after tax for the period October-December amounted to SEK -2 275 988 
• Earnings per share amounted to SEK -0.04
• Equity per share amounted to SEK 0,19

The period from January to December
• Operating income totaled SEK -7 659 120
• Profit/loss after tax for the period amounted to SEK -7 294 197
• Earnings per share amounted to SEK -0.10
• Equity per share amounted to SEK 0,19Significant events during the year
• The company has implemented new issues, bringing the company SEK 14 515 961 after issue costs during the year.
• The company has signed an agreement with the Cagayan province to pursue geological surveys
• Good results from the geological study in Vigan 
• The company shares were listed on AktieTorget on July 28
• The company signed a final agreement with Nova International to operate its plant in Cagayan
• The company has estimated mineral resources for the Cagayan River and Aparri plant. The total mineral asset is calculated to 2.000.720.000 MT (Metric tons), with an average content of 3% Fe.
• The company is opening a sales company in Singapore
• The company's process plant was ready for production in September
• The company signs sales contract for 60 000 tons of magnetite
• The company signs an agreement to investigate Buguey Lagoon
• The subscription of TO1B was completed in the fourth quarter. A total of 90.3% was subscribed, which was equivalent to SEK 3 197 014
• In December, Delta Minerals Board decided of a private placement of SEK 2 188 764

Delta Minerals
Delta Minerals AB is a Swedish public company listed on AktieTorget with rights to pursue environmental projects in the Philippines with the support of regional/local authorities. The company's objective is to begin operations in estuaries of Northwestern Philippines for extraction of minerals and sand.

Future prospects
Delta Minerals has developed well during the year of 2014. We have achieved good results in the Philippines from the explorations we have made and found new areas for material extraction. We have concluded a cooperation agreement with Nova International, where we at an early stage, came across a production facility. We have thus been able to commence the marketing of our products and signed a framework agreement of 60 000 tons magnetite. The purpose of the pilot plant is to get production experience; starting marketing of the company's products, and verify our permits. Problems occur normally start-up phases, but we are after a very short period up and running. Sales of sand take longer time, which is expected. We are currently busy with the logistics to handle large vessels (Panamax) necessary for profitable sand sales.

We are now planning for the expansion of Delta Minerals’ activities and we are negotiating to finance the expansion. 

Events after year end
After the period end, the company has confirmed that shareholders, who invested in 2014 are eligible for investor deduction. 

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