2nd subscription period TO1B terminated - the Company board has decided for an additional directed share issue 

Stockholm, December 12, 2014 - Subscription for the 2nd term of the TO1B has been completed and 12 829 367 shares will be subscribed by TO1B in the 2nd term. This corresponds to 73,31% of the total issued share options and the Company will obtain 2 565 873 SEK.

In total, 90,31% of all options in TO1B were subscribed and contributed to the amount of 3 220 363 SEK.

In conjunction with this option, the Company board decided on a private placement under the same conditions as the 2nd term, thus 0.20 SEK per share to a few investors agreed in advance and  issuing  11 987 301 shares. This issue was made to Margaretha Smith, Montana Sweden AB, Alfanet Innovation AB, Mikael Rosencrantz, Per Nilsson and Patric Sjölund and will bring 2 397 460 SEK to the Company.

The subscribed shares will be registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office as soon as possible. After the registration, the Company will have 88 000 000 shares.

"This funding will enable us to finalize the construction of the Appari plant and we expect it to be enough to generate a cash flow. I am very pleased that we in this short time are able to get a production, which finances the company, "says Thomas Lundgren, CEO.

For further information please contact
Hakan Gustafsson, Chairman, hakan.gustafsson@deltaminerals.se, mobile +4670-268 00 35
Thomas Lundgren, CEO, thomas.lundgren@deltaminerals.se, mobile +4670 - 397 25 24. 

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