Delta Minerals sells 60,000 tons of Magnetite during 2015

Manila, November 18, 2014 – Delta Minerals signs a contract for sale of the first 60,000 tons of magnetite (iron ore) produced in the Aparri plant. Deliveries begin immediately.

Delta Minerals has signed a framework agreement with SUNGLOBE MINING and RESOURCES CORPORATION for the sale of 60 000 tons of magnetite. The first deliveries begin immediately with the objective that the total volumes are delivered during the 2015.

Sales are made in batches of approximately 5 000 tons based on the world market price of magnetite with customary additions/deductions.

"After a recent visit to the plant now being fine-tuned , I am pleased that we can already start selling the produced material. We expect full production by the end of this year and expect to pursue this order during 2015 ", says CEO Thomas Lundgren.

Delta Minerals project in the Philippines
In large river basins occurs frequently flooding, especially during monsoon season, which seriously impact the population in these areas with fatal accidents and large property damages due to the eroded and accumulated sand. By removing excess sand Delta Minerals activities are contributing to important environmental and social activities. The magnetite is extracted from the sand and sold to the steel industry.

Delta Minerals AB has developed well during the time the company has been in operation. We have shown at economically viable extraction levels of minerals in the rivers, which we are interested in, we have expanded our survey areas, which now include Cagayan province in the Northern Republic of the Philippines. We have established an agreement with NOVA; a Korean group to operate their facility in Appari in Cagayan province.

For further information please contact
Hakan Gustafsson, Chairman,, mobile +4670-268 00 35
Thomas Lundgren, CEO,, mobile +4670 - 397 25 24. 

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