Subscription for TO1B first period closed

Stockholm, October 7, 2014 – The subscription for the first period of TO1B is closed.

Totally was 2 974 957 B-shares subscribed with the support of TO1B. This is equivalent to 16.95% of total issued warrants and the company was funded with 654 490,54 SEK.

The subscribed shares will be registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office as soon as possible. After the registration, the company will have 63 183 332 shares outstanding.

For the remaining 14 575 163 warrants, the following apply; that a warrant entitles to subscription for one B share during the period 4/11-28/11/2014. The subscription price is equal to seventy-five (75) percent of the average volume weighted price of shares under AktieTorget official price statistics during the period of 20 trading days ending two business days before the subscription-period begins. However, with a maximum of 0.50 SEK and a minimum of 0.20 SEK.

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