Delta Minerals rights issue outcome 

Stockholm, June 30, 2014 – The Delta Minerals Board decided on 19 May, authorized by the General Meeting, on a new share issues of up to 21 329 127 units with preferential rights for existing shareholders. Subscription price of 0.40 SEK per unit, implied that the company would receive 8 531 651 SEK at a full subscription. The issue is now closed and total of 17 500 000 units were signed, equivalent to 7 Million SEK, of which 1 949 968 SEK are signed with override and 3 115 543 SEK without preference as well as 1 934 489 SEK signed by guarantors. The warrant included in this issue runs until 30 November 2014 and may bring in a maximum of 8 750 000 SEK.

"We are pleased that the issue is completed satisfactorily and the company's shares will now be listed on Aktietorget, while the work to bring Delta Minerals to the production phase now begins," says Thomas Lundgren, CEO.

Delta Minerals project in the Philippines
In large river basins occurs frequently flooding, especially during monsoon season, which seriously impact the population in these areas with fatal accidents and large property damages due to the eroded and accumulated sand By removing excess sand Delta Minerals activities are contributing to important environmental and social activities. The magnetite is extracted from the sand and sold to the steel industry.

For further information, please contact:
Hakan Gustafsson, Chairman of the Board,,
mobile + 46 70 00 35 268.
Thomas Lundgren, CEO, , mobile+46  (0)703-97 25 24.

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