The Board of Directors of Delta Minerals AB decides on new issue

Stockholm may 20, 2014 – As the latest geological studies in Vigan has been successful  and to prepare for a pilot production, the Board of Directors for Delta Minerals AB (publ) decided on May 19, 2014 on the issue of a maximum of 21 329 128 shares and warrants (units of series B). The issue adds the company 8 531 650 SEK at full subscription, furthermore the display option would raise additional capital.

Right to subscribe for units of series B, with preferential rights of the company's shareholders, at which one (1) unit right is obtained for each share held on the record date regardless of the class of shares. Two (2) unit rights are entitling to subscription of 1 unit, each consisting of one series B share and one warrant of series 1 (TO1B).

  • Subscription rate is 0.40 kronor per unit.
  • One (1) warrant entitles the holder to subscribe for one new share of series B in the company. Subscription of shares by virtue of warrants can take place on 30 September and 30 November 2014. The subscription price shall be an amount equal to 75% of the on Aktietorget listed volume-weighted average price paid for the class B share in the company during the 20 trading days up to the day of subscription.
  • Record day for the right to participate in the rights issue will be on May 28, 2014.
  • Subscription of units under unit rights occurs during the period from 2 June 2014 to 19 June 2014.
  • Subscription of units without the support of rights unit during the same time.
  • The Board has the right to extend the subscription period. At a possible extension of the subscription period, this must be notified no later than June 13, 2014.
  • A full memorandum with full terms and conditions will be published June 2, 2014.

The Board's decision means that the company's share capital shall be increased by a maximum of SEK 490 569,944 by issuing a maximum of 21 329 128 shares. The Board's decision means that a maximum of 21 329 128 warrants entitling to subscription for a maximum 21 329 128 series B shares in the company, is released.

For further information, please contact
Hakan Gustafsson, Chairman of the Board,,
mobile + 46 70 00 35 268.
Thomas Lundgren, CEO, , mobile+46  (0)703-97 25 24.

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