Tax agency determines the acquisition cost for Delta Minerals AB

Stockholm, January 31, 2014 – The Swedish tax agency has determined the acquisition cost of the Delta Minerals Shares for Commodity Quest shareholders to 0 SEK.

Commodity Quest distributed 2013 its holding in its subsidiary Delta Minerals AB to their shareholders with record date on 23 December 2013. The distribution of the shares in Delta Minerals should be deemed to be tax free, according to the tax agency's decision on January 31, 2014, that is, tax is paid when the shares are sold. The tax agency has determined the acquisition cost for Delta Minerals shares at 0 SEK for those who received shares in the distribution. This value is used as the aqusition value of these distributed shares.

Delta Minerals has applied for listing on Aktietorget as part of preparations for a larger share issue in order to finance the start of production in the Republic of the Philippines. The company expects to list when the study is completed.

Delta Minerals project in the Republic of the Philippines
The Abra river delta contains varying amounts of minerals, including magnetite, which is used for iron production. An important byproduct is sand and gravel, which have already been examined and will be sold as construction material and filling material. Filling and building materials market will primarily be sold to Hong Kong and Taiwan. For building materials, Singapore is also an interesting market.

In the Vigan area periodically flooding arises, especially during the monsoon season, which seriously affects the population in the area with death and major property damage due to the eroded sand that accumulates. By transporting away excess sand Delta Mineral’s activity will contribute a significantly to environmental and social actions.

Share Issue
In order to carry out the necessary studies, to start commercial mining, Delta Minerals offers existing shareholders, in a fully underwritten rights issue to acquire newly issued shares amounting to a total of 3.3 MSEK , with an annual value of pre-money 5.0 MSEK. An over-allotment option is adopted on 2 MSEK. The Board of Directors of Delta Mineral would like to see new shareholders to have the opportunity to participate in the project and the over-allotment will, as far as possible, provide space for these. The share issue is open from 22 January to 5 February and is fully guaranteed. Subskription price is 0.22 SEK.

For more information contact;
Chairman Hakan Gustafsson,, +46 70-268 00 35
CEO Thomas Lundgren,, +46 70-397 25 24,

Information about the issue is obtained via Eminova brokerage, Alternatively, the company website

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